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Black Fist – White Hole: Part 2

Black Fist - White Hole: Part 2

Mr. Cali just had his fist up Christian’s milky white ass and now he wants his big 10 inch cock there too. Cali has both Dusty Williams and Christian Hunter sucking his dick and licking his sweaty balls when he orders Dusty to get on all fours. Mr. Cali fucks Dusty deep while Dusty fucks Christian with a huge dildo. Cali likes the look of that big toy disappearing in Christians hole so much, he wants to see if Dusty can take a big toy too. Dusty pulls out a double headed dildo and hands it to Cali.

Mr. Cali know just what to do. He puts one end in Christian’s ass, then the other end in Dusty. He smacks both those boys butts and tells them to fuck each other. The boys go at it taking all 20 inches of that dildo up there holes. Mr. Cali wants some more ass so he plows Dusty till Dusty blows his load. He uses the cum on Dusty’s chest as lube to fuck Christian again. Mr. Cali empties his nut and calls it a day well spent.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Black Fist - White Hole: Part 2

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