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Fisting Inferno

Derek Parker Pumps HungerFF

Derek Parker Pumps HungerFF 1

Hunger FF gets double fisted and bareback fucked.

When an aggressive, furious male with an Apollo body meets his own “bottom me”. Extra sexy hunk Derek Parker goes deep inside HungerFF‘s big rosebud and pumps it with two fists and his big, bareback cock. This porn video features everything we like – gaping holes, hairy pig, double fisting, etc.

Derek Parker Pumps HungerFF
Derek fisting fucks Hunger elbow deep.

Hunger is in his natural state – hole up, gaping wide and ready for very deep action. Derek approaches the hairy butt and slides his fist shoulder deep in that cave. He then starts double fisting until Hunger’s prolapse pops out.

Derek Parker Pumps HungerFF 2
Bareback after fist fucking.

That huge flower needs special attention. Derek shoves his boner in the gut and begins to pump HungerFF’s ass, bareback.

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    Fisting Inferno


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