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Dominic Pacifico and Drew Dixon – Full Fetish

Dominic Pacifico and Drew Dixon - Full Fetish 9

Dominic Pacifico and Drew Dixon in a special session featuring all fetishes possible.

As we begin to write the description of this scene, we realize that this is one of the rare moments when we can confidently say that some scene is exploding good. Believe us, we watch so many gay porn, so if we’re impressed, it’s a guarantee that the scene is really worth it. Dominic Pacifico and Drew Dixon surpass our bravest notions of porn, combining all fetishes in a common scene. Moreover, the choice of kinky things is not accidental, every detail and element is carefully selected and impressively fit any taste.

Let’s count the fetishes in the scene. We can exclude the barebacking because it’s becoming commonplace. First, we have Drew with a leather hat and boots, so this fetish is implemented successfully. Secondly, for the fans of ball tortures, Drew stretches Dominic’s balls. Thirdly, we have a brutal face fucking – Dominic deep-throats Drew. Fourthly, the session is very, very wet. If you like pissing, you’ll be happy to see Drew and Dominic peeing all over each other’s bodies. Next, we have fisting (our favorite) and finally, we have a huge rosebud, taking fists. We counted six brutal fetishes, is that enough?

Let’s start the generalization. The scene starts with Drew sucking Dominic’s veiny boner. The blowjobs soon turns into a heavy face fucking. Then, Drew grabs Dominic’s balls and stretches them. After that, Pacifico slips his tongue in Drew’s wide open hole before he starts raw fucking. Dominic thrusts Drew harder and harder but there is no man on the planet who can satisfy so hungry bottom. Well, Dominic knows some tricks.

Pacifico brutally penetrates Drew’s hole with his fist and directly starts very hard punching. So hard that Drew relieves himself few times during the session. Dominic likes it and very soon we see him, pissing all over Drew’s blooming rosebud. By the way, the final part features rosebud punching and pissing, so it’s our favorite one. That’s the short version. We really recommend that you watch the whole scene, because it is better than anything we’ve seen so far.


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