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Dominic Pacifico Dominates And Fucks Riley Ward

Dominic Pacifico Dominates And Fucks Riley Ward 5

Riley Ward is Dominic Pacifico’s latest slave. The master dominates and fucks him.

Dominic Pacifico presents a pure gay BDSM session with his new slave Riley Ward. After torturing his cock and dominating him, Dominic fucks the guy, bareback. Dominique met Riley quite accidentally during one of his trips to New York. They found themselves in the same bar, so they had the opportunity to know each other. Riley explained that he was a big fan of Dominic’s site, obviously hinting at the harder part of the episodes on it. Riley said he would like to be a slave to Dominic, so he can experience all the extreme things he has seen on the site. Of course, Dominic was glad to invite Riley to his dungeon.

We miss the preparation and continue straight from the dungeon. Riley Ward is already fixed by strong handcuffs for the Saint Andrews’ cross. He is totally immobilized, as any slave must be. Dominic Pacifico can do whatever he wants, and he wants really bad things. If you’re wondering what the sadistic dude is about to do, we recommend watching some of his scenes. Don’t miss him in an extreme edging session with Tony Prower and Sebastian Keys. Don’t miss also Dominic with Sean Holmes.

Let’s move on. The session begins with what Dominic can best – dominate and torture. He tortures Riley Ward by punching his balls and cock. Then, he hangs clamps on his victim’s scrotum, making the experience quite painful. And because he wants to be as brutal as possible, Dominic grabs a whip and flogs Riley. Of course, the session ends with rough bareback fucking!


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