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German Hole Wreckers Part 2

German Hole Wreckers Part 2 1

The German hole wreckers are at it again. First, they start off with a little bathroom water sports session. Then it’s on to more hole wrecking. Two bottoms and one top fister, equals one hot fisting frenzy. Jack Stuart uses his muscled arms to deep fist both bottoms at the same time.Then hot young German pig Liam Reed fucks Tyson hard and deep till he busts a nice big load all over Tyson’s muscle butt. Nord See is in the sling huffing poppers and begging for dick. Jack gives him some hard cock, followed by his fist. As Nord begs for that fist to enter him deeper, Jack feeds Nord a few squirts of piss before dumping his load all over Nord’s hard cock. Liam wants to cum one more time so he hops in the sling and gets fucked by Dan Dirk’s big uncut cock. Liam gives us another huge load to end the hard day of hole wrecking.


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Gay Fisting: German Hole Wreckers Part 2 1

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