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HungerFF and FFurryStud Punch ThatGuy111000’s Rosebud

HungerFF and FFurryStud Punch ThatGuy111000's Rosebud

ThatGuy111000 is a very experienced fisting bottom. He adores double fisting, hard punching and rosebud play. HungerFF and FFurryStud tag team that stud. ThatGuy111000 is a very cool beefy stud, with nice body hair and a beautiful tattoo on his chest. But the most beautiful thing about that dude is his wrecked hole. The dude’s been doing it every day for years, and as you’re going to see, it’s obvious.

HungerFF explains that this his third session with the talented bottom. Over the years they have met twice, as Hunger adds that this dude really has an unforgettable hole. He is always so wide and deep, ready at any time for deep and double fisting, adds Hunger.

For this session, HungerFF and FFurryStud travel to ThatGuy111000’s apartment in Detroit. Hunger is happy that FFurry will finally meet the stud because Hunger has always said that this is one of his favorite craters. Actually, it’s more than a crater. The guy hops in the sling and Hunger & FFurry start fisting him – deep and then, double. As Hunger summarize: This was actually the first time I and Furry were able to hold hands inside of someone!

Gay Fisting & BDSM: HungerFF and FFurryStud Punch ThatGuy111000's Rosebud

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