HungerFF Gets Fist Fucked By 3 Tops 5

HungerFF Gets Fist Fucked By 3 Tops

Club Inferno Dungeon

HungerFF has the chance to get his hole fist fucked by 3 of his buddies – Julian Torres (FFurryStud), the boyfriend of Hunger, as well as Jax Hammer and Chase Ryder. Well, we have to admit that that hole needs 3 fists minimum. The session starts with Jax, who punches Hunger for a while. Julian replaces him and fist fucks Hunger, shoulder deep. Chase joins the party by sliding his arm deep inside Hunger’s ass.

In the second part of the session, Hunger gets on all fours and asks his fuck buddies to fist his ass double… Of course, they oblige. Jax and Chase push their fists until Hunger swallows them, takin them somewhere inside his guts. The double party continues, as Julian, Jax and Chase exchange positions and every one of them has the opportunity to touch Hunger’s depths.

Here’s what Hunger told us: “After we had our four way fuck fest with Jax and Chase, we knew we wanted to give them a crash course in deep fisting. So FFurryStud showed them some techniques before setting the boys loose on my cunt. They’re naturals! Near the end of the video he teaches them how to double fist me, and the guys end up holding hands inside me and double punching my hole until I had to finally tap out! WooFF!”

Gay Fisting: HungerFF Gets Fist Fucked By 3 Tops 1

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