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HungerFF Punch Fists Aiden Hart – Part 2

HungerFF Punch Fists Aiden Hart – Part 2 6

A big rosebud in trouble!

Here’s the second part of Aiden Hart’s brutal fisting session with the biggest pro in ass destruction – HungerFF. As you remember, the last time the two fist guys started slowly. Hunger handled the ass with his fingers, then carefully launched fisting. Aiden was extremely horny and very soon his hole was gaping wide. That gave Hunger the opportunity to become rougher, which led to the logical finale – the huge rosebud of Aiden showed up for the first time in front of a camera.

In this second part HungerFF continues to stretch Aiden’s hole. He tries to make Aiden’s flower even bigger and as you’ll see, he successfully manages to open the rosebud further. Well, Aiden’s hole is still too far from Hunger’s big prolapse but his rosette is solid enough. Would you like to lick it? We bet, you would do it. It’s something we miss in the scene. If Hunger was licking the gape, the video would be even hotter.

For the big final, Hunger starts a very rough punch fisting. His hairy hand pounds Aiden’s hole again and again. Hunger stops for a minute, peeling off the rose, then continues with a new dose of his furry, furious fists. All the time Aiden stimulates his partner, convincing him to be even more rigid and uncompromising with his poor ass. There Hart no doubt that he senses a long and extreme anal orgasm.

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