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ItalianXLFF – FF & Breeding Bobby Ryker

ItalianXLFF - FF & Breeding Bobby Ryker 5

Sexy Italian horse cock ItalianXLFF and sweet Bobby Ryker meet once again for a love parade filled with fisting, breeding, and rosebud rimming. As you know, ItalianXLFF is a big fan of rosebuds so he starts by punching Bobby’s hole turning it into a wet, gaping man pussy, in order to taste it. Then, he stands behind Bobby, unwraps his rosebud, and starts licking it. You can see how his cock becomes harder and harder with the taste of Bobby’s rosette. Once he’s hard as never before, ItalianXLFF shoves his raw cock into Bobby Ryker’s gaping cunt and breeds him raw. The raging Italian does it over and over again till his cock shoots a load of jizz all over Bobby’s rosebud. Just the perfect end!

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