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ItalianXLFF Fist Fucks His Sexy Neighbor

ItalianXLFF Fist Fucks His Sexy Neighbor

The hot Italian stallion ItalianXLFF is really lucky. He is always surrounded by sexy men who love fist fucking, just like his hot neighbor. In the last year, the handsome Italian has become a real sensation and even the most popular power bottoms wanted to be with him. He has met both ordinary people and real gay porn stars, but he never imagined that his cool neighbor is a passionate fan of fisting.

Here is what ItalianXLFF shared:

I have spotted my neighbor in the elevator several times and I have always felt that he knows who I am. Of course, he’s cool and it was hard not to invite him home, but I decided it would be rude to take the first step. Thank God, recently he finally dared to tell me that he is a subscriber to my channel. It didn’t take long for him to stand in front of my camera, because hell, this hot fist fucker has something to show.


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Gay Fisting & BDSM: ItalianXLFF Fist Fucks His Sexy Neighbor

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