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Jacob Conar, Sherman Maus and Matthias Von Fistenberg

Jacob Conar, Sherman Maus and Matthias Von Fistenberg 1

Jacob Conar, Sherman Maus and Matthias Von Fistenberg in a useful video lesson about gay fisting. The three men show facts about double fisting and punching.

Matthias Von Fistenberg has long been planning to make video lessons for anyone who likes gay fisting but has no experience with it. Sherman Maus also wanted the same because he was turned into a professional fisting bottom only for 1 month. So they both decided to shoot several series explaining how to fist a hole properly. As you will see, besides very hot, the video really is very useful, especially if you are inexperienced and your friend wants to fist fuck his ass.

Naturally, Matthias Von Fistenberg is the chief teacher and most of the time he gives useful advice. Sherman Maus bottoms all the time, showing useful ass relaxation methods. Of course, this video would not have happened unless a novice was invited. Matthias chose Jacob Conar. He knows little about the procedure because he has not fist fucked a man yet and he has not been fisted either. Jacob is very curious about fisting so he’s ready to be the obedient student. During the session he will learn many new things and practices that will be very useful for him in his future fisting sessions.

What next? Sherman Maus hops in the sling, ready to bottom for Jacob Conar. Matthias gives Jacob some advice on the position of his hand, smears it with a lubricant and lets him to slide his fist in Sherman’s ass. Jacob does not seem confident, so Matthias uses his own fists to show him how to punch an ass. Of course, he can not stay away from the action, so he soon lowers his muscle butt over Sherman’s arm. Jacob is neglected for a while, but then Sherman compensates him by giving him to test his skills in double fisting.

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