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John Thomas Punched By Amerifist

John Thomas Punched By Amerifist 2

Fisting Inferno

John Thomas reaches the next level of fisting with Amerifist.

After so many extra big cocks, John Thomas definitely needed a serious punch fisting session with the best fisting top – muscular, ruthless daddy Amerifist. John doesn’t take a fist for the first time. He actually does it quite often off the stage, and we’ve seen him in an amazing session for Tim Tales. However, to meet Amerifist for StudFist means that you are ready for the next level – total anal destruction, and it looks that John is more than ready – he can’t wait for it.

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We’ll tell you one thing. John Thomas is one of Amerifist’s biggest fans, so this session was initiated on his own initiative. As you will see, from the beginning to the end, John wants it rough and extreme and Amerifist really knows exactly what is very rough and totally extreme. John was out of control and no one could stop him.

Pictures from the session

The scene begins with Amerifist sliding his fist half an elbow deep into John’s surprisingly deep ass. After some nice deep pushes, Amerifist starts punching John Thomas until his rosebud pops out… what a beautiful, red rosette! Then more punches and deep fisting, before Amerifist pushing his big cock into John’s fist filled ass. It’s a unique double penetration you shouldn’t miss.

Gay Fisting: John Thomas Punched By Amerifist 1

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