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Max Wide Gets Fisted In Rubber By Thiago Boss

Max Wide Gest Fisted In Rubber By Thiago Boss 3

The aggressive fist fucker Thiago Boss attacks the ass of Max Wide with double fisting and hard punching in this phenomenal rubber fisting session. Thiago, the real Boss. He is too masculine and too handsome to be real. Well, Max confirms – Thiago is real and he literally devastates every hole he goes through. Thiago is an aggressive alpha male who loves rough games and domination. It’s great that Max loves the same thing but from the position of a submissive and obedient bottom.

In this video, Max Wide shows his obsession with rubber (Check his interview for Redixx.Com where he talks about it). Max really looks great in rubber, just as Thiago Boss looks great in leather. But the great thing about this video is the extreme fisting action – deep and double fisting, as well ass big dildos in the ass. A real stretch of limits.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Max Wide Gets Fisted In Rubber By Thiago Boss

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    Fisting Inferno


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