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Rubber Guy Gets Punched

Rubber Guy Gets Punched 2

Fisting Inferno

This man is really bottomless!

Rubber guy has one of the deepest and widest holes we’ve ever seen. Great news for Amerifist who likes to fist fuck deep and double. Rubber guy explains to the fister that he’s getting fisted every day and he has no problems with the size of Amerifist big hands.

Rubber Guy Gets Punched 1
Amerifist punches Rubber guy.

Now, already on the fisting chair, the guy is ready for some hole destruction. He tells our top to start with punching because his hole doesn’t need preparation. And the American fisting god does it.

Rubber Guy Gets Punched
Elbow deep in him.

At the beginning Amerifist punches the hole, making it gaping like never before. Then, he continues with elbow deep fisting. Eventually Rubber guy gets on all fours and tells Amerifist that it’s time for double fisting.

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Gay Fisting: Rubber Guy Gets Punched 1

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