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Scott DeMarco Fist Fucks Drew Dixon – Part 1

Scott DeMarco Fist Fucks Drew Dixon - Part 1 6

The perfect fistee Drew Dixon gets a deserved fist in the ass.

The British fisting bottom Drew Dixon has just returned from a tour in America. During his trip, he met Scott DeMarco for shooting a fist session for Fist Alley – the newest project of Matthias von Fistenberg. Before we go back to the session, let’s see what else happened during Drew’s American tour. In fact, even he didn’t believe it was possible to shoot so many scenes within a few weeks. Well, when you’re greedy and horny enough, there’s no impossible things.

His first stop was Club Inferno Dungeon. Drew managed to shot some great scenes for “Strong Arm Landlord”. He continued with Fisting Central’s “Heavy Handed Tutor”. In this period he was spotted by Matthias who invited him to shot a scene for Fist Alley. So he ended up with Scott DeMarco’s fist, shoved in his ass.

In fact, Drew was invited by Matthias for a few scenes in his Raw Fuck Club but in the process of filming, they decided that there was a more appropriate place for him. At that time Scott was also a model for Raw Fuck Club, so he offered to join when he heard what it was about. Mathias agreed that the idea was great and they scheduled a date for their session.

Back to Fist Alley’s studio, finally. Drew’s ass has already swallowed Scott’s arm. The guy is riding the fist like it’s a completely regular cock. Then Drew gets on all fours and Scott proceeds punching. We are surprised to notice that Drew has a nice rosebud, something we have not seen in his previous scenes. Well, that’s it. The rest you can see on Matthias’s website which turns into our favorite porn movie-watching place.

Fist Alley

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