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Scott DeMarco Fist Fucks Drew Dixon – Part 2

Scott DeMarco Fist Fucks Drew Dixon – Part 2 9

Another fisting session for Drew Dixon and his hungry asshole.

It seems that Drew Dixon really cannot stop. He’s totally addicted to fisting. Some would be outraged by this, but we are glad to see that he is passionate with what he does. After all, there are only a few people like him. We seem to be falling in love with this cute man. He really decided to expand his hole, and quite obviously his efforts give perfect, great results. About two weeks ago we watched the first part of Drew’s session with Scott DeMarco.

So, it’s time for a second round. Drew has just finished his session with Dominic Pacifico, but his hole needs some more fist fun. Fortunately, he has unfinished business with Matthias von Fistenberg’s Fist Alley, so he returns, ready to take another fist. Last time Scott punched Drew’s ass and it was a great, extreme fist fucking. Drew Dixon imagines that today it would be almost the same. In fact, he doesn’t know that Scott has taken care of this session. This time will be more extreme, because Scott has prepared some pretty oversized dildos.

All right. Scott inserts his fist, expressing his sincere amazement at Drew’s big hole. Actually, he doesn’t know that Drew Dixon just finished his session with Dominic. Scott punches the hole for a bit, then grabs the first big toy – a giant, beige dildo. It is 4 inches in thickness and about 25 inches long. A very massive toy. Drew takes the head of that plug and very soon half of it disappears inside the ass. Scott alternates with the dildo and his fist, making room for something even more enormous – the grey plug. The toy was created especially for double fisters, and quite seriously, it seems that Drew is close to that. A little more fisting and Scott goes away. But Drew remains to enjoy some more of the beige toy.

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