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Christian Wilde: Hypnotic Leather SessionGay Leather Fetish

Christian Wilde: Hypnotic Leather Session

Christian Wilde owns you! Christian Wilde returns to KinkMen with his brand new hypnotic porn video. Decking in a leather jacket and gloves, he’s ready to turn you into his slave. Are you ready for a deep trance? Are you willing to obey your master to possess you and tell
Christian Wilde – Leather DominationGay BDSM

Christian Wilde – Leather Domination

Leather Master Christian Wilde is coming for you! Are you ready to be a slave, to serve and worship your Master? Leather sadist Christian Wilde is coming for you and he’ll turn you into an obedient and submissive slave. Do not try to run away, because you will be in
Flogged ‘n’ Fucked! – The Next Gay BDSM LevelGay BDSM

Flogged ‘n’ Fucked! – The Next Gay BDSM Level

This weekend ends painfully. For all the fans of real, authentic gay BDSM, Kink Men & Boundgods have prepared a special compilation of hot men getting flogged and fucked. Seven scenes, 4 shoots, and some of the biggest gay porn stars – Christian Wilde, Micah Brandt, Aarin Asker, Kaden Alexander,
Christian Wilde Abuses Seth SantoroGay BDSM

Christian Wilde Abuses Seth Santoro

Tied to the corner of Christian Wilde’s dark dungeon stands the muscly bound stud Seth Santoro, awaiting an intense punishment, wearing only a jock-strap and a chain stockade, hoping to please Christian with his suffering and show just how much he can take. With a bit-gag between his teeth and
Wild Country: Chris Harder and Christian WildeGay BDSM

Wild Country: Chris Harder and Christian Wilde

Chris Harder is having a rough day — separated from his hiking pack and low on water, he wanders through the woods hoping to find someone, anyone who could help him. But things are only going to get harder for Chris. He takes a fall and passes out in the
Captive God Pierce Paris: Bound in Rope Bondage and Fucked by Christian WildeGay BDSM

Captive God Pierce Paris: Bound in Rope Bondage and Fucked by Christian Wilde

Pierce Paris finds himself alone, bound, and blindfolded in a dark dungeon. His senses are hyper aware as they try to compensate for his inability to see. He can hear someone faintly breathing and knows that he is not alone. Suddenly the sound of footsteps begin to circle him like
Christian Wilde Abuses Jack AndyGay BDSM

Christian Wilde Abuses Jack Andy

Jack Andy has a huge cock and is entirely new to Kinkmen, but his solid body is ready for whatever intense torment Bound Gods has to dish out. Cool and sadistic Christian Wilde is the lucky dom, and he wastes no time breaking in the new guy. Jack is tied
Christian Wilde Abuses Jacob DurhamGay BDSM

Christian Wilde Abuses Jacob Durham

Aggressive leather top Christian Wilde abuses Jacob Durham. He shows Jacob who is his personal master. Christian ties up Jacob’s balls and cock and threats them hard as Jacob rims Christian thru a rimming seat. The slave is spanked hard and then face fucked by his master. In the end
Dolf Dietrich and Christian WildeGay BDSM

Dolf Dietrich and Christian Wilde

Leather slave, Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for his master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch. Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a
Christian Wilde and Grayson FrostGay BDSM

Christian Wilde and Grayson Frost

Eager and horny, Grayson Frost waits in his apartment for his online hookup to show. When Christian Wilde walks through his door, Grayson is in awe. Christian can tell the boy is a little nervous so he gets right to business, telling him: “When I play, I play rough. Don’t


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