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Golfo & Leonardo LucattoGay BDSM

Golfo & Leonardo Lucatto

Leonardo is tied up and locked in a dungeon cage. 10 cameras are recording him while a voice tells him
Rainer & Rafa MarcoGay BDSM

Rainer & Rafa Marco

An intense boots, foot worship, anal work and spank session between Rainer and Rafa. A public set that every person
Power Play: Scene 2: Hunter Marx & Johnny ParkerGay BDSM

Power Play: Scene 2: Hunter Marx & Johnny Parker

With their jock asses exposed from their skin-tight sport shorts, Hunter Marx and Johnny Parker rub each other’s furry muscle
Ricky Strong & Rafa MarcoGay BDSM

Ricky Strong & Rafa Marco

You shouldn’t joke with Ricky Strong. And that will be right clear to Rafa Marko after suffering a good session
Wet and Wide: Scene 2: Aymeric DeVille & Shay MichaelsGay BDSM

Wet and Wide: Scene 2: Aymeric DeVille & Shay Michaels

In assless chaps and a harness, Aymeric DeVille is on all fours on a bench as Shay Michaels buries his
Aday Traun & Carlos BellicGay BDSM

Aday Traun & Carlos Bellic

Carlos’ peaceful life gets an unexpected turn when Aday knocks his door. A strange guy with dark intentions who will
Heavy Duty: Scene 3: Aymeric DeVille & Adam RussoGay BDSM

Heavy Duty: Scene 3: Aymeric DeVille & Adam Russo

After putting a harness on fellow shaved-headed stud Aymeric DeVille, Adam Russo wraps his bud’s arms in bondage sleeves, tying
Heavy Duty: Scene 2: Dirk Caber & Hunter MarxGay BDSM

Heavy Duty: Scene 2: Dirk Caber & Hunter Marx

Bearded Hunter Mark and Dirk Caber kiss—Dirk’s big, tight sack and cock shielded in a cock cage. Hunter wraps Dirk
Martin Mazza & Frank ValenciaGay BDSM

Martin Mazza & Frank Valencia

Hitchhiker Martin jumps into a truck hoping to be taken to Madrid, but arrogant trucker has other plans for him.
Smack: Scene 1: Aymeric DeVille & Wilfried KnightGay BDSM

Smack: Scene 1: Aymeric DeVille & Wilfried Knight

Their bodies bursting through latex and leather, smooth Aymeric DeVille and hairy Wilfried Knight lock lips. Wilfried drops down and
Sergio Serrano & Yera CruzGay BDSM

Sergio Serrano & Yera Cruz

Go clubbing, have a drink, and wake up bound, gagged and in hands of a stallion like Sergio Serrano may
Macanao Torres & Miguel KiadesGay BDSM

Macanao Torres & Miguel Kiades

Macanao Torres and Miguel Kiades, two young spanish bulls enjoying hardcore sex between machos: dildos, assplay, sneakers, bondage, spit, anal
Alfa Jota & Paco JonesGay BDSM

Alfa Jota & Paco Jones

The slave Paco Jones has to be in cage, and occasionally has to give him piss drink, huge dildo and
Alfie Stone & Scott HunterGay BDSM

Alfie Stone & Scott Hunter

This ones a humdinger, one of our biggest cocks – a solid 9 inches of gristle, from sexy, horny, bearded
Raw Fisting For The Bad BoyGay BDSM

Raw Fisting For The Bad Boy

Rob Edwards licks Wyatt Trash’s boots. Then Wyatt fucks his man cunt and, as he is fucking him hard. But
Fistpack 27 – Andre Barclay, Ben ReyesDeep Gay Fisting

Fistpack 27 – Andre Barclay, Ben Reyes

Andre Barclay’s looking better than ever in a pairing with a brand new Mexican fisting punch hole named Ben Reyes.
Fisting Skins – Dirk Stahl, Toddy & GizmoGay BDSM

Fisting Skins – Dirk Stahl, Toddy & Gizmo

Gay fisting and gay skinheads. After a fight between gay skinheads the ass of the unlucky loser Toddy belongs to
Fisting Animals – The MovieGay BDSM

Fisting Animals – The Movie

Fist Animals is just what you might think from the title, and from knowing that it’s a Dark Alley Media
Daddy RaunchGay BDSM

Daddy Raunch

These mature daddies live for it, worship it, and hunger for it. And in DADDY RAUNCH you get scene after
Hard Fisting For Bryan ParkDeep Gay Fisting

Hard Fisting For Bryan Park

Bryan Park is new in town and need to rent a room in a hotel. Once he has his own


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