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Men On Edge: Zak Bishop Gets Fist Fucked

Men On Edge: Zak Bishop Gets Fist Fucked

Zak Bishop likes fisting!

Fist fucked during a hard edging session. Yep, that’s happened to new KinkMen’s slave Zak Bishop. Zak is a young pig with smooth, tattooed and muscular body. When you see him for the first time, You’ll think about an innocent young man. He really has a nice smile and a pleasant vision. Who knew he was so kinky? Maybe being kinky is a bad thing, but on our site this gives extra points to Zak.

Zak Bishop's First Edging For KinkMen

Now, let’s check the masters in this video – Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. Sebastian Keys and fist fucking sounds pretty familiar. Well, but this time he isn’t the bottom. The bottom is Zack and he gets fist fucked by Sebastian.

Sebastian Keys edges Zak

We’ve seen Chance Summerlin several times before. He has scenes as a slave but here he helps Sebastian in edging Zak. As we mentioned edging, the scene starts just like that – Sebastian and Chance take turns stroking Zak’s nice, big cock. Chance also sucks Zak’s member.. he rubs its head by his tongue and lips while Sebastian finger fucks Zak’s ass, making it wide for the next part.

Chance Summerlin

In the next part, already well fingered, takes a big dildo up his ass. Sebastian dildo fucks him as Chance is rubbing his hard dick. Once the dildo opens up that hole, Sebastian decides to show Zak how the real men fist fuck.

Zak Bishop dildo fucked

Sebastian slowly pushes his whole fist in Zak’s ass. It’s pretty hard for Zak to take a hand but Sebastian is a pro and knows how to work a hole. He doesn’t stop pushing until his whole fist finally slides into Zak.

Zak Bishop Fist Fucked

Now with Sebastian’s fist in him, Zak is ready to cum. Sebastian continues fisting as Chance begins to edge Zak harder. Moments later Zak is shooting his thick jizz all over the dungeon. Fist fucked and edged, he’s feeling 100% satisfied.

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Gay Fisting: Men On Edge: Zak Bishop Gets Fist Fucked 1

  • Greg Foote
    May 9, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    You didn’t even get to see Zak getting tickled. which is something you always see Sebastian Keys do to a man that is bound.

      May 12, 2020 at 11:42 am

      You’re right, Greg. But here on Redixx our focus is gay fisting, so we don’t pay attention to other fetishes so much. If you like tickling or feet, be sure to visit RedixxFoot.Com where you could find tons of foot fetish scenes.

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