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Adam Power – Kidnapped and Fist Fucked

Adam Power - Kidnapped and Fist Fucked

Hard times for kinky sub Adam Power.

Adam Power has just finished his scenes for My Dirtiest Fantasy. You probably remember how the young submissive slut was fucked bareback by sadistic top Dominique Kenique. Adam then got his ass used as an urinal by Master Aaron. Adam was very heavily consumed, and now he needs a little rest. Dominique gains Adam’s confidence by offering him a ride to a peaceful mountain hut. The two men get in the van and go to the place. In the middle of the trip, Dominique stops the car and tells Adam he’s going to buy some water from the gas station.

Adam enjoys the nature around him while waiting for his friend to come back when suddenly two masked men invade. They put him in a wooden box and kidnap him. Adam seems to be fainted because he later wakes up tied to the wall inside an old factory. Adam Power is terrified because he has no idea what the hell these people want from him. He can not even see them, because the lower half of his body is hidden behind some wooden wall.

Adam starts to realize what happens to him when he feels the touch of something big, sliding in his ass. He can unmistakably estimate that this is a big raw cock. Actually, his “friend” Dominique Kenique is behind the wall, with his cock shoved in Adam’s hole. Adam Power is still a little frightened but the pleasant feeling in his hole makes him calm down. At that point another masked man joins – Alexis Clark. He brings two big toys – a black dildo and an artificial fist. He plows Adam’s rosette with the black tool. Then the sub gets fist fucked by the artificial fist.


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