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Arm-ageddon – Movie Trailer

Arm-ageddon - Movie Trailer

β€˜Arm-ageddon’ is here and there’s no stopping its path of anal destruction!

As the end of the world rages on, men everywhere are bending over to take all the fists they can get. The world isn’t the only thing getting destroyed when these horny hunks stretch every asshole in sight. As his final hours approach, Luka Sage is contemplating his fate of never getting fisted again. When soldier Jace Eros enters the bunker, Luka convinces him to slide his fingers into Luka’s ass. Jace agrees and soon he’s wrist deep in Luka’s sloppy hole.

As the end nears, Jace wants to experience life to the fullest so he bends over and offers up his fuzzy asshole for Luka to abuse. Nate Grimes is polishing his weapon when Tony Orlando storms into the bunker seeking refuge. Tony must prove he’s worth of staying in the shelter and gets a rough handballing. When Nate needs more convincing, Tony must take the reigns and gape his new cellmate to his limits. Dylan Strokes is just another helpless stud that needs food and shelter as the world falls apart around him. Brian Bonds and D Arclyte take full advantage and have their way with the abandoned stud. While the world is being destroyed by β€˜Arm-ageddon’, seek refuge with these horny men and get your own hole obliterated while you ride out the end of the world.

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