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Axel Abysse – Anani 12

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 5

If you think you’ve seen the biggest dildo in the world, think again. In Anani 12 Axel Abysse rides an enormous, red dildo and stretches his ruined rosebud beyond the limits. Prepare yourself for an impossible size! The Seahorse dildo is the icing on the cake of Mr. Hankey’s toys.

Axel Abysse - Anani 12

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 1

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 2

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 3

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 4

Axel Abysse - Anani 12 5

There are different sizes available but Axel has chosen the biggest one – the XXL dildo. It has 15.00″ circumference near base and its insertable length is 15.25″. We guess you’re speechless now. It’s an extremely big toy and a true challenge even for the most experienced fisters with the exception of of Axel… Yep’s he’s the ultimate fisting bottom, he is probably one of several men in the world who could take on a similar dildo. Note that he does great with both width and length. Of course, Axel Abysse doesn’t miss the chance to please himself with self-fisting.

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Axel Abysse

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