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Bar Addison Gets Fucked Very Rough By Ricky Larkin For Bromo

Bar Addison Gets Fucked Very Rough By Ricky Larkin For Bromo 3

Bard Addison finds himself in an old hall in this video by Bromo. Hidden in one of the premises, Ricky waits for a man like Bar, ready to get fucked rough. It looks like Ricky’s in the middle of some kind of demonic ceremony. Lighted candles, sets of huge dildos… Everything shows that something unconventional is happening in the room.

Ricky wears something like a leather set – leather briefs, straps covering his chest and a sacristy. Ricky’s dick is pulled out of the briefs and he rubs it rough. Bar hides behind the wall and cannot believe his eyes. He is just starting rubbing his dick when Ricky grabs his shoulders and carries him to the bed in the middle of the room. Ricky tells Bar that curiosity will be punished very harshly.

Ricky blindfolds Bar, grabs one of the candles and covers the body of Bar with molten wax. The feeling is burning and rather unpleasant, but Bar discovers a strange side in himself – in fact, the whole feeling turns him on. As he thinks of the perverse side of his character, Ricky suddenly shoves his dick down Bar’s throat and face fucks him. After that, he spits on Bar’s ass and rims it for a while, before he shoves his big, bareback cock into Bar’s tight hole. I’m going to destroy your hole for life, says Ricky, and starts the most brutal and vicious fucking.

Gay Fisting: Bar Addison Gets Fucked Very Rough By Ricky Larkin For Bromo 1

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