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Bound Gods: Casey Everett & Leather Master Sharok

Bound Gods: Casey Everett & Leather Master Sharok

We’ve seen Sharok in four scenes before. Muscular, with a hairy body, with a nice tan.. A really handsome man. Imagine him in a leather uniform, dominating submissive bottom Casey Everett. Yes, that’s the scene! Cock and balls torture, nipple play, flogging and leather.. The master has taken care of a quality experience. Casey starts by sucking and licking his Master’s leather gloves. Everything he can taste is leather while Sharok primes his cock. Yet, Casey’s pleasure does not keep going for long.

Sharok puts nipple clips on Casey and appends them to a pulley. He winds the gadget until the clasps on Casey’s touchy areolas are being extended before him. Casey shouts as his areolas endure. Sharok unfastens his leather pants and aides his hard cock into Casey’s mouth. Casey takes each inch, choking on his Master’s cock as the clover clasps nibble into his areolas.

Next, Casey is suspended in rope servitude. Sharok flagellates his abs and ass as Casey battles weakly. Casey shouts out in torment, unfit to get away from the tails of Master’s flogger. At long last Sharok sinks his cock into Casey’s tight ass. He holds his slaves’s hips and gives Casey a hard ass beating. Casey adores feeling his Master’s fat cock extending his ass open and asks for more cock. Also, he gets it! Sharok blindfolds Casey, ties his advantages noticeable all around, and keeps fucking Casey. At that point he blows his cum into Casey’s open mouth before locking Casey’s cock up and leaving.


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    Fisting Inferno


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