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Bound Gods: Pierce Paris Makes Sebastian Keys His Slave

Bound Gods: Pierce Paris Makes Sebastian Keys His Slave 3

Sebastian Keys has been a dominator so many times. Now he’s back to the roots of his career when he played the role of a slave. Pierce Paris is his master in this gay BDSM production by Bound Gods. Sebastian really did a great job as a master, but he decided that the viewers would be happy to see him as a slave one more time. As a reminder, besides an actor, Sebastian is also the principal director in most films of Kink Men, so all the ideas in the scene are invented by him.

In this fictional story, Sebastian’s victims have decided to avenge him. They’ve paid Pierce Paris to cause a shattering pain to Sebastian. While Sebastian Keys prepares for the filming of a new production, Pierce enters the studio, wearing a black uniform and black leather boots. He’s attacking Sebastian and tying him up so he can make the plan. Now, tied and helpless, Sebastian is ready for brutal procedures.

Pierce begins with a serious amount of clamps attached to various parts of Sebastian’s body, including his ballsacks. It seems painful, but enjoyment is real and it’s obvious that Sebastian doesn’t play, he really likes it that way. Then, Pierce puts a big dildo on the fuck bench and forces Sebastian to take the whole toy up his ass. The rubber dildo is replaced by a metal, electrical butt plug very soon.

In the final part, Pierce Paris bends Sebastian Keys over and penetrates his used ass. Pierce fucks Sebastian aggressively, doggy style. He fucks the jizz out of Sebastian before cumming all over Sebastian’s face.

Gay Fisting: Bound Gods: Pierce Paris Makes Sebastian Keys His Slave 1

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