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Caedon Chase and Ashley Ryder – Part 1

Caedon Chase and Ashley Ryder - Part 1 1

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Ashley Ryder preps Caedon Chase’s hole with his hot mouth, spitting the hairy hole and lapping at it with his tongue and plunging deeper and deeper. Ashley gets gloved up and applies massive amounts of lube to Caedon’s smokin’ furry hole. Ashley’s fist twists and turns widening his buddy’s orifice. Both hands get inserted with rapid succession causing Caedon to moan as Ashley puts both sets of fingers inside Caedon pulling outward to get a good view of his hole. Ashley begins pummeling Caedon’s hole one hand after the other and then vibrating one hand wildly causing Caedon to exhale with staccato groans. Turned over, Caedon spreads his legs wide to be fully serviced. This top fister dips in and pulls out quickly, a stream of lube following, and then inserts his left fist and fingers of his right hand holding them steady as Caedon writhes in ecstasy breathing deeply and relaxing enough to let Ashley insert the final finger and get both fists fully inside him, and Caedon’s gushing hole pushes out exposing the deep red center glistening with approval. Ashley pushes Caedon up on his shoulder blades and churning the hole repeatedly until Caedon moans loud and long and Ashley reaches in for a kiss.

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