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Cesar Xes’ Hard Edging – Part 2

Cesar Xes' Hard Edging - Part 2

Sadistic gay BDSM masters Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin continue with even harder edging. It’s time for the brutal dildo fucking. They spin Cesar Xes around and fuck his ass with a dildo on a stick, while jerking his cock at the same time.

Still blindfolded, Cesar can’t see a damn thing. He can only feel his ass getting fucked and his cock getting worked to the edge. He’s then tied down to a busted up old couch, with his arms above his head, his mouth gagged and his legs spread. Chance and Sebastian suck his sweet cock and use a vibrator toy on him, driving him crazy and making him almost blow his load again and again. Chance worships his feet while Sebastian continues on his cock, then Chance jerks and sucks him. When Cesar finally cums, his load explodes out of his cock until he’s soaked in his own hot seed.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Cesar Xes' Hard Edging - Part 2

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