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Daddy Stretch My Hole: Wolfie Braden Shaw & Tony Orlando

Daddy Stretch My Hole: Wolfie Braden Shaw & Tony Orlando

In this two-part gay fisting session for Fisting Inferno’s Daddy Stretch My Hole, Tony Orlando and Wolfie Braden Shaw take turns fisting each other. In part 1, it’s Tony’s turn to get his hole heavily used by Wolfie’s hairy fists. Tony has been in so many productions of Fisting Inferno that you know enough about him. So today we will focus on Wolfie, who is completely new to the gay fisting society.

Wolfie Braden Shaw is a very hot daddy who can be defined as a muscular bear. His body is hairy, his nipples pierced, and apparently, Wolfie likes leather. In fact, he looks great in his set – a black leather hat, boots, and red soccer socks. The best news is that he is a versatile fister, which you will see in the second part of Daddy Stretch My Hole.

In this first part, Wolfie Braden Shaw focuses on Tony Orlando’s pleasure. Tony starts by licking Wolfe’s pierced nipples, and he seems to like them a lot. Then Tony Orlando jumps on the leather chair and we notice his cool latex shorts. Soon the shorts are on the floor and Wolfe starts rimming Tony’s ass before putting his whole fist inside without much difficulty. Wolfe gives pretty good fisting to the younger partner, and the only time he pulls his arm out is when Tony cums.

You can watch this scene on Fisting Inferno in April, 2022. Take advantage of 1-week free membership on the site using promo code PROMORED1 when joining.

Photos of Wolfie Braden Shaw & Tony Orlando

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