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Dirk Jager, Lars Svenson and Rick van Sant – Part 1

Dirk Jager, Lars Svenson and Rick van Sant - Part 1 1

Fisting Inferno

Dirk Jager watches from afar as two handsome campers — Rick van Sant and Lars Svenson — set up a tent and go for a hike. When Rick pulls out his thick, uncut cock to take a piss in the woods, Dirk makes his move on the two boy-next-door studs. He pins Lars against a tree and pins Rick down to his knees so he can face the young stud. After the three of them cum, Dirk takes the two of them to a shed with an outdoor leather-covered table beside it. Dirk throws Rick on his back and spreads apart his legs, exposing his insatiable asshole which is practically begging to be pulled wide open by Dirk. He starts with a gentle rim and fingering and then he and Lars take turns pinning his legs back and pounding him with their rock-hard cocks. Lars takes a turn on the table and finds himself on the receiving end of both Rick and Dirk’s cocks. After the three of them shoot their loads on Lars’s taught, smooth body, Rick finds himself back on the table. Dirk begins to probe his ass first with a few fingers and slowly builds up to the kind of intense punch-fisting session that Rick is famous for.

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Gay Fisting: Dirk Jager, Lars Svenson and Rick van Sant - Part 1 1

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