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Doomsday Revenge: Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash

Doomsday Revenge: Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash 4

Only one of them could be the master!

From director Sebastian Keys, comes brand new BDSM series, “Doomsday – Revenge”. When the world is shaken by apocalypse, morality means absolutely nothing. Good people can’t survive and evil is everywhere. Violence is a way of life for the few survivors of tomorrow. People have turned into animals whose life purpose is to eat and fuck. It’s the doomsday – people revenge people.

Doomsday Revenge: Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash
Michael starts by face fucking his new slave.

Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash are among the the dominant ones. But when they are no more submissive people, the change of roles is inevitable. In a battle for honor, one of them will be subordinate and transformed into a slave. As a former soldier Kyler should be stronger but Michael is a street child and his power is bigger. That’s how Kyler finds himself bound and ready to be humiliated. Kyler is his trophy and Michael will dethrone his masculinity.

Doomsday Revenge: Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash 3
The revenge continues with brutal anal sex.

Michael spanks and beats Kyler, to force him to blow his dick. Kyler feels humiliated but Michael has not even begun yet. Moments later his hard cock penetrates the soldier’s tight ass. “Say goodbye to your asshole”, Michael says, starting mercilessly fucking. Once he finish the brutal assault, Michael leaves, leaving the soldier tied up and at the next master’s disposal.

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Gay Fisting: Doomsday Revenge: Michael DelRay and Kyler Ash 1

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