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Enema – Such a tedious and so important procedure

The enema is an extremely important part of preparing for fisting. It is a must, not only because of aesthetic necessity, but also because the colon must be cleaned of any debris that may injure or irritate the mucous membrane. As we are not doctors, do not take our way as the right one. We just do it that way and for the moment we are happy with the result.

The perfect position for the enema is on all fours. Then we just put the shower tip in our holes and wait for them to fill with water. Much water you take in, the better. Try to hold the water for at least 10 minutes, then visit the toilet and act. You will probably need to repeat the enema about an hour later, so give yourself a few hours. You will experience several bowel movements, so stay close to the toilet.

We will tell you our tricks for easier cleaning. The previous day, eat lighter foods – spaghetti, rice, cooked or baked fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat, it is a heavy food and to be honest, besides it is difficult to digest, it also complicates cleaning.

In addition to food, we include plenty of fiber in our menu. You will not believe how easy it is to clean yourself if you consume more fiber. If you are not a fan of salads, you can take a diet supplement with fiber .. it also does a great job.

It will be interesting if you share your opinion. What is your method of cleaning?

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