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Evan Matthews and Rick Powers

Evan Matthews and Rick Powers 1

Fisting Inferno

In one of the most astounding fisting scenes in Club Inferno history, ultimate fist-pig Evan Matthews starts by filling his own hole with gobs of lube and shoving his own hands up his twitching manhole. Next he finds a foot-long dildo which he effortlessly shoves up his ass to the base. Rick Powers enters and sees that Matthews needs more. He pulls out a fat 18′ latex cock and works it into Matthews’ hole. With Matthews’ rosebud in full bloom Powers pulls on the latex gloves and works his fist, then his forearm, up inside. As Powers pushes deeper and deeper there proves to be no limits to Matthews’ Deep End. Next the two share the largest tool to-date, the giant 3-foot long two-headed anaconda. The pliable dildo snakes its way up into Matthews’ guts until nearly all 3 feet disappear! Powers jacks off and leaves Matthews to enjoy his new latex love tool.

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