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James Oakleigh – Barebacked By 2 Masked Tops

James Oakleigh - Barebacked By 2 Masked Tops

James Oakleigh is a fisting pig but he also loves rough bareback.

Excuse the pun, but itโ€™s very highly unlikely that youโ€™ll have come across James Oakleigh before โ€“ unless, of course, you live in southern England and have had need of an electrician. Thatโ€™s his day job, of course. When heโ€™s not busy wiring houses and changing sockets, this horny fucker fantasises about being totally abused and sexually humiliated; which in this particular instance involves being taken blindfold to some quiet corner of the Spanish countryside, and picked up by a couple of masked hunks.

James Oakleigh - Barebacked By 2 Masked Tops
The masked men abuse James’ ass and mouth.

They then proceed to hold him in a metal cage, piss on him, hose him down with water, spank his ass until itโ€™s a nice crimson colour, and then spit-roast him like a cheap tart. Clearly thinking heโ€™s not been humiliated enough, they then open his arsehole up with a metal clamp and piss directly into his guts; before fucking him bareback once again, and then finally spewing the contents of their balls all over his back.

James Oakleigh - Barebacked By 2 Masked Tops 1
Deep in James’ hole.

Itโ€™s not gonna be to the taste of everyone, of course, thatโ€™s for sure; but the handsome Brit clearly loves every fucking second of it, and doesnโ€™t so much as quibble when heโ€™s put back in the cage and left to stew in his sodomised misery whilst his captors sup beer!

Stars: James Oakleigh as the bottom, Jordan Fit and Josh Milk as the masked tops.

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