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Jay Evil and Jet Pole Fist Timmy Pig Hole

Jay Evil and Jet Pole Fist Timmy Pig Hole 1

TimmyPH has a special request that two of his tops, Jay Evil and Jet Pole, play with his hole together. TimmyPH gets his wish and for the next hour, you get to see two men play with TimmyPH’s hole. Jay & Jet are introduced first and they agree to share. TimmyPH sits between the two of them to play with their cocks and kiss. TimmyPH quickly gets on the bed so his hole gets all the attention.

About midway through Jay shoots a hot cum load then proceeds to play with TimmyPH’s hole. I ask TimmyPH if he needs a break and he says his hole is hungry. We go into the dungeon. Timmy and Jay embrace while both tops continue to play with TimmyPH’s hole. The last 5 or so minutes is spent giving his hole some extra attention by caressing the outside surface of his hole.

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