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Joel Vargas and Rudy Valentino

Joel Vargas and Rudy Valentino 1

Here we go, gird your loins gents, we’re heading underground to our sleazy dungeon – to join stunning studs Rudy Valentino and Joel Vargas. Sexy young Rudy is as acute as a button – all wide eyed with a great body, a meaty butt ( we’re having a ‘thing’ for butts this month). Joel is massaging his sexy sub-boy with a lot of lingering around those peachy cheeks, but those wandering hands soon go awry and its out with the spanking paddle and rather large dildo, ( which off camera Rudy said would be fine, but it looks like its a struggle a struggle Joel is enjoying as Rudy strains against the foreign body thats stretching and pleasuring his fuck-hole in equal measures. And once that hole is well and truly ready its time for Joel’s favourite part – a monumental fucking, poor Rudy is gonna be sitting on a rubber ring this week!!

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Gay Fisting: Joel Vargas and Rudy Valentino 1

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