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Jonah Fontana and Damien Moreau

Jonah Fontana and Damien Moreau 1

Fisting Inferno

Jonah Fontana starts immediately by dominating Damien Moreau deep in the forest. Damien is tied up in a full suspension, hanging upside down from a tree, while Jonah abuses him, torments his nipples, and pounds his hard cock into his throat. Jonah doles out a nonstop, series of self-pleasing punishments, with no intention of letting Damien enjoy it. He soon cracks out the flogger and flogs Damien upside down… then the oversized flogger, which he uses to utterly punish Damien’s soon to be fucked ass.

When Jonah believes his captive is sufficiently face fucked and tenderized, he sets him down on the ground, though still tied to the tree with his hands bound behind his back. Jonah fucks Damien’s smooth, hungry ass, pounding him full of angry cock.

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Gay Fisting: Jonah Fontana and Damien Moreau 1

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