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Leather Bear Jack Dixon Fucks And Torments Cody Winter

Leather Bear Jack Dixon Fucks And Torments Cody Winter

It’s a hard time for sexy bottom Cody Winter. He must to service his master, leather bear Jack Dixon in a scene filled with boot licking, aggressive bondage and wild fucking. The lean and ripped Cody iciness returns for even more punishment by the hands of gigantic, bushy, muscle daddy Jack Dixon. Cody’s humiliated, abused and wrecked by using Jack, with spanking, flogging, an electrified ball crusher, and of path he’s face-fucked and ass-fucked via that gigantic fucking dick. Eventually, Cody’s a fully used fuck toy, beet-pink from his beatings and dripping in cum. Cody has been utilized by Jack before, in order that they get right to it with white-scorching excitement.

Jack orders Cody to strip, and Cody’s buck naked in an instantaneous. Jack instantly throws Cody around and spanks his ultimate ass. He swats him a lot and so rough his ass is an irritated pink in no time. However Cody can take it and he wants extra, at the same time as he pouts and screams. Jack is a apparently stoic dom, however his no-nonsense demeanor approach there may be under no circumstances any pretext, never any wasted time. He makes use of Cody to his liking, taking from him what he needs, when he wants it. He places Cody on his knees and demands that he suck his gigantic dick.

Cody struggles to get the entire factor in his mouth, but it’s the struggle that Jack likes. He insists Cody are attempting harder, to swallow that whole cock. He then turns him around and swats his ass once more. Then shoves his tongue deep in his gap, completely consuming that ass, riding Cody wild. Jack’s then ready to get relatively serious as he slips on the black leather-based gloves.

Cody’s blindfolded and certain on his knees, with his palms in the back of his again and an electrified ball crusher squeezing his balls and cock together. Jack increases the present and the pain, over and over, then flogs Cody’s ripped abs, tormenting his whole physique with tingling and stinging pain. Jack finally releases him from the rope, but binds him in leather-based belts, drips sizzling wax in all places his body, face and tongue, then shoves his massive cock again in Cody’s mouth. Cody is so rattling abused at this point, but Jack would not let up. He flips Cody over and slams that candy ass full of dick. He holds his little fuck toy by the belt bondage and pulls him again on his cock, fucking him difficult as Cody screams via a ball gag. S

ooner or later, Jack places Cody on the ground, to worship and suck his balls whilst he strokes his fats, moist cock. He shoots his scorching load in all places Cody’s face, then he eventually lets him find unlock. Cody shoots his cum in all places himself. It’s his reward for being so good to his grasp, for doing as he’s informed, and for giving his physique as much as Jack for use, abused, fucked, and flogged…And eventually left wanting for extra.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Leather Bear Jack Dixon Fucks And Torments Cody Winter

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