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Fisting Inferno

Mason’s Fist Adventure

Mason's Fist Adventure

Mason’s fist adventure comes true.

Inspired by an old erotic book Mason had read, he had an idea for an interesting scene – he imagined himself attached to a wall of chains and a rough top with a fist in his hole. He shared his fantasy with Club Inferno Dungeon, and they told him that it would be a great scene.

Mason's Fist Adventure
Mason takes the fist up his rosette.

So they installed the right decor and managed to build a real wall with a multitude of chains pinned to it. Now Mason can show the best of himself.

Mason's Fist Adventure 2
Mason’s wide open rosebud.

He grabs the chains as his friend Adam slowly inserts his fist in Mason’s rosebud. Looks like they’re going to make a really legendary fisting scene! Actually, it is, as you know.

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