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Master Aaron Torments James Oakleigh

Master Aaron Torments James Oakleigh 5

James Oakleigh learns new BDSM tricks.

James Oakleigh is willing to do anything to become the perfect object for humiliation and torture. Master Aaron is here to help James by showing him things that only experienced sadists do. The Saint Andrew’s Cross is fully prepared so Master Aaron ties James for it.. He would not have wanted James to escape in the middle of the session. Now, restrained in a spreadeagle position, James is fixed and the only thing left is to wait for the punishment.

Procedure 1 – The Pinches. Aaron decorates James with pinches positioned on his entire torso and bonded through thin hemp. James prays for mercy but instead the master abruptly pulls the rope. The pinches fall on the floor and James screams, getting into a true trance. His consciousness is on a different level, something the master has been aiming for from the beginning.

Procedure 2 – Hot wax. Master Aaron flogs James for a while before he covers his feet with hot wax. James screams in painful agony but instead of mercy he gets more hot streams of wax. Before the long-awaited relief, he will have to go through another ordeal.

Procedure 3 – Nipple torture. Aaron grasps James’ nipples and starts to crumple them with all the power he’s capable of. This is James’ favorite torture so he starts jerking off. He cums all over himself. Fortunately, this is not the end of the story. James goes to the next room where he will be fist fucked.


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