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Mickey Taylor Gets Tormented By Master Yah-Jil

Mickey Taylor Gets Tormented By Master Yah-Jil 4

Fisting Inferno

We are back inside Yah-Jil’s dungeon, where Yah’s new victim is going to get tormented, used and abused. Tattooed stud Mickey Taylor does not suspect that in a few minutes he will experience something shaking and shocking, but still enjoyable. He knows he’s here to star in a light bondage scene, without brutality or extremism, but Yah has quite a variety of plans. As soon as he arrives, he takes a roll of duct tape and a couple of plastic sacks to pack and immobilize his slave.

Once immobilized, Mickey cannot resist any more, so he must obey all that is prepared for him. The Master brings a set of clamps and attaches them to Mickey’s cock, nipples and balls. Mickey Taylor feels relieved when Yah-Jil finishes, but it is only a short break before the next torture. Yah takes a leather whip and starts flogging Mickey. Quite painful, but still too nice, Yah thinks. So he prepares the final torture, an electric dildo. He shoves the toy into Mickey’s ass, switches it on, and sets it to the highest level. Powerful anal spasms shake the body of Mickey, while in the meantime his penis becomes harder and harder, until he shoots a giant load of cum.

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