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Paradiso: Axel Abysse & Yoshi Kawasaki Fist Fuck Each Other

Paradiso: Axel Abysse & Yoshi Kawasaki Fist Fuck Each Other 3

Axel Abysse and Yoshi Kawasaki proudly present their latest outdoor fisting adventure called “Paradiso” where the two men fist fuck each other. This is a really unusual scene because fisting against the backdrop of a crystal blue sea is something we don’t see often. If you are from the northern hemisphere, this video will surely make you look back with nostalgia for last summer. Well, these are details, but it was important to clarify why the scene was called “Paradiso”. Indeed, it brings the feeling of a paradise island, where two men do things that will take them away from paradise.

So, this scene includes a lot of fist fucking, or more precisely – flip fisting. Axel Abysse and Yoshi Kawasaki are constantly changing their positions so that each of them gets their dose of extreme punching. We can’t say that one part of the video is better at the expense of another part, but our favorite moment is when Axel is in the trunk of the car, and Yoshi ruthlessly and aggressively fists his rosebud.

Briefly – “Paradiso” is a definitely refreshing scene and we liked it, didn’t you?

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