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Perverted Summer House – Scene 2: Daniel Karrington & Ron Negba

Perverted Summer House - Scene 2: Daniel Karrington & Ron Negba 4

The Perverted Summer House of My Dirtiest Fantasy opens its doors for another couple of BDSM twinks – leather slave Daniel Karrington & Ron Negba, who plays the Master. So far, we thought Ron was a slave of last resort. We’ve seen him many times, and he’s always been the slave. For example his scene with Silas Rise or that one with Titus Snow. Surprisingly, it seems that Ron has his dominant side and today he is going to show everything he has learned from his masters. In brief, the slave becomes a master.

Daniel Karrington already had his first BDSM session with Silas Rise and Peter Polloc in scene 1 of Perverted Summer House. So he knows how to service the master and is going to give the best of himself. Ron puts him in a leather jacket and fixes his hands by leather straps. He orders Daniel to open his mouth and take Ron’s cock down his throat. Of course, Daniel obliges.

Ron things his cock is pretty insufficient for his slave and decides to test Daniel harder. Ron positions Daniel in front of the dildo fucking machine and switches it on. Daniel is now fucked double – Ron pumps his mouth, while the fucking machine stretches his ass. The dildo makes Daniel nice and loose, so Ron stands behind him and fucks his ass, bareback.


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