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Pig Puppy: Lance Hart and Tyler Rush – Part 4

Pig Puppy: Lance Hart and Tyler Rush - Part 4 1

The intense sensations make Tyler’s cock twitch and his balls rise and fall. After serving his master’s cock some more, Tyler gets rewarded by getting his ass fucked. As Lance slides in, Tyler growls and moans, feeling the walls of his ass stretch from the girth of Lance’s thick tool. Once he’s fully inside, Lance picks up speed, ramming Tyler’s hole with relentless intensity. Lowering the restraint bar, Lance trusses up Tyler’s legs and raises his ass up in the air to the perfect height for Lance to drive his cock deeper than ever. As a reward for taking dick so good, Lance permits Tyler to stroke his own cock while getting fucked. When he’s about to cum, Lance grabs a dog bowl and puts it on Tyler’s stomach, and Tyler shoots his load right into his own bowl. Lance walks over and ads his own hot load to the dish. That will make a tasty treat for Tyler later!

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