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Pig Puppy: Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie and Max Cameron – Part 1

Pig Puppy: Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie and Max Cameron - Part 1 1

As his pup Micky Mackenzie looks on, Lance Hart demonstrates the right way to suck a dick. Max Cameron’s fat cock is the perfect opportunity for a pup training lesson. But before Micky gets to swallow their loads, first he needs to get fucked by both their cocks! ‘Ready for this bone?’ says Max as he slides himself into Micky’s tight hole. Gasping and moaning, Micky bends down and sucks Lance’s cock while Max pounds him from behind. Trading places, Max offers his bone for Micky to taste as Lance rams into Micky with his fat meat. To really see how far they can push their slut pup, Max and Lance take turns on Micky’s pup hole. When they’re ready to give his ass a break, Lance and Max take turns throat fucking Micky, shoving in their hard, thick rods all the way down to the base. For Micky’s next lesson, Lance and Max flip him on his back and fill his pup hole with their cocks.

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