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Pig Puppy: Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie and Max Cameron

Pig Puppy: Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie and Max Cameron 1

It’s time for some serious BDSM action in today’s world premiere of Fisting Central. Their new movie ‘Pig puppy’ is inspired by the life of all kinky pigs devoted to the world of bondage and SM. In episode 1 you could watch 3 of the most popular gay porn stars these days Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie and Max Cameron. If you follow Max’s appearances, you know that he’s a main hero in the most popular KinkMen’s videos. Now he intends to use his experience in BDSM for Fisting Central. So, it’s time for rough play, leather, restraints, spanking, submission.. and of course brutal ass play.

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