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Pumping For Promotion – Scene 2: Josh Mikael Fist Fucks Sherman Maus

Pumping For Promotion - Scene 2: Josh Mikael Fist Fucks Sherman Maus

Last week, Josh Mikael was double fisting fucked by Sherman Maus (if you missed the scene, tap here). In this second episode of Fisting Central’s “Pumping For Promotion”, the two pigs trade positions, as this time Josh has to punch and fist fuck Sherman’s rosette. The two do not have much time, so they proceed directly to fisting. You’ll see, the action is really worth watching. We remind you that now is the right moment to join Fisting Central, because we have the perfect deal this month – all memberships at half price.

Josh Mikael bends Sherman Maus over the desk and with a very fast movement, he shoves his hand into Sherman’s crater. Yes, it is a volcano crater-a very deep, bright red.. The biggest crater, honestly! That rosebud deserves hard punching and Josh definitely gives it to Sherman. He first serves him to the desk, then Sherman lies down on the desk to be able to take on even more of that hairy hand. Josh keeps banging him mercilessly, as apparently this is the style that Sherman really likes. In the final, Sherman takes the initiative. He lowers himself onto Josh’s fist and begins riding. Very soon Sherman shoots his jizz, while the fist is still stretching his ass.

This scene is part of “Pumping For Promotion”. You’ll find it on Fisting Central on 1st of August.

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