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Ready To Use: David Luca and Axel Abysse

Ready To Use: David Luca and Axel Abysse 3

Guess who is ready to use… or actually ready to be used?! This week Axel Abysse is only top, but David Luca is totally ready for some dirty gay fisting. Maybe some of you haven’t heard of David, but we have to tell you he’s not a novice in fisting at all. On the contrary, he has quite a few scenes here on Redixx.Com, so you’ll probably want to watch them. Now you know it, the guy is kinky and hot and he loves to stretch his hole. Can it get any better? Yes, it can, absolutely, because, in combination with Axel, he makes a really cool debut on AxelAbysse.Com.

Now, about the scene. We do not know where it is taken, but we would have guessed Portugal or Spain. You probably remember Axel’s last gay fisting adventure through the Portuguese Woods, so this scene probably has something to do with it. Actually, it doesn’t matter, because the action is good, very good. Axel Abysse uses a big dildo to stretch David Luca before shoving his fist in David’s ass and punching him.

Axel Abysse

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