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Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki

Want to have a huge rosebud and everyone to be fascinated by it? Grab a dildo or something big and follow Yoshi Kawasaki‘s rosebud training. Several things are important and necessary conditions to continue. First, make yourself some slippery lubricant – X-Lube, J-Lube, Crisco, or whatever you prefer. Bring a larger dildo or some vegetables – eggplant or zucchini do a great job. Third, prepare your ass with a few fingers so that it is ready to take something bigger.

Just follow Yoshi Kawasaki. Now put a few drops of lubricant on your fingers and start rubbing them into your hole until your fingers slide deep into it. It’s nice, isn’t it? Continue in the same way. You can put more lubricant, it is never superfluous or too much. Now try to insert 5 fingers. It’s so nice, try to take them as deep as possible. Half of your fist is already inside you, so now you can continue your rosebud training with something bigger.

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Yoshi Kawasaki is on the beach, far from home, and does not have a dildo, so he improvises with 1 big zucchini. Remember – a medium-sized eggplant is also a good idea if you do not have a dildo at the moment. Now lubricate the toy you have chosen and slowly insert it all into your hole. It is already inside. Now try to enjoy the feeling of fullness and keep the toy in your hole for 10 minutes.

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki 1

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki 2

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki 3

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki 4

Rosebud Training With Yoshi Kawasaki 5

You are almost ready for the actual rosebud training. Again, follow Yoshi Kawasaki. Now you can accelerate the pace and fuck your own hole harder. This will make you ready for the next part. Now, take out the toy and squat lightly. Grasp your hole on both sides with both hands and open it as much as possible. Now push. Push hard. Meanwhile, let your fingers press the hole inward. You should feel it now – your rosebud is slowly coming down and blooming. Repeat the training regularly and soon you will have a rosebud just like Yoshi’s one.

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