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Sebastian Keys and Kyler Ash

Sebastian Keys and Kyler Ash 1

On his knees, Kyler Ash awaits for his master’s command as the smacking of the riding crop fills the dungeon. Kyler is ordered to strip down to his underwear before being bound to the wall. A barrage of punches wears the boy down as his giant cock swings back and forth. Mr Keys then breaks out the flogger before making his subject swallow hard cock. The hung slave finds himself dangling in mid-air as Mr Keys pushes him to the limit with another brutal flogging. With tight rope around his balls, #359 squirms in his bondage as a series of weights are added to the rope, tugging on his junk with every movement. After enduring relentless torment, Kyler is rewarded with cock deep in his ass before receiving a mouthful of cum.

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Gay Fisting: Sebastian Keys and Kyler Ash 1

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