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Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep – Part 4

Seth Tyler Fist Fucks Timmy Pighole Elbow Deep – Part 4 5

What is it to be the real fisting pig? Seth Tyler and Timmy Pighole will answer you because these two are the perfect example of super pigs. After 3 rounds of extreme and brutal fisting action, these “disgusting & charming” men are returning for more of their favorite nasty hobby. Seth’s hand needs a warm hug on Timmy’s crater, and Timmy’s crater needs a new dose of a too deep fist fucking. Well, elbow deep isn’t a challenge. Timmy wants it even deeper.

This fourth part is taken after Timmy and Seth have returned home after a party. Timmy was the target of an aggressive punch fucking all night, but he still feels that his pulsating rosebud needs a special therapy that only Seth can give him. He drops to his knees and opens his huge pighole for Seth’s tattooed arm. Seth slowly pushes his fist deeper and deeper, as very soon his whole hand is deep inside Timmy’s fist cave. As usual, the scene is topped by an incredible huge prolapse, the one that only Timmy can realize. Now let’s dive deep into this pighole.

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